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  • Creatividad de Porsche Turquesa
  • Bandelora
  • Chica con mascarilla Ubik
  • Anagrama Bocademia
  • Logo ReasonWhy
  • PorscheThe digital transformation of one of the most prestigious and influential brands.One of the most recognised and valued brands in the world. Innovation and a non-conformist spirit have been the most important characteristics of this brand ever since its founding. Both concepts fit perfectly with our design and development philosophy. Since 2015 we have been in charge...GO TO PROJECT
  • CENIECreating the digital identity of CENIEThe International Centre on Ageing, CENIE (Centro Internacional sobre el Envejecimiento) was created in response to the ageing phenomenon. Its mission is to become an international reference of excellence, research and innovation through leadership, knowledge generation and research. We...GO TO PROJECT
  • UbikRock the new normalUbik is the new brand for designer face masks. It makes us feel unique and look more stylish. After the outbreak of Covid-19, the world's demand for face masks became more prevalent. We embarked on an adventure creating a brand, product line and marketing in the space of four weeks. After a few...GO TO PROJECT
  • BocademiaCreating the identity of a new restaurant franchise concept.Bocademia was an idea dreamt up by two businessmen who sought out to create a new fast food business chain, based on the typical cuisine from Malaga. A franchise model that offers the famous Andalusian breakfasts and lunches all over the world: molletes antequeranos, pitufos, serranitos,...GO TO PROJECT
  • Reason WhyRedesigning the most read online marketing magazine in Spanish.Reason Why is the most read online marketing & advertising magazines in Spain and in Latin America. We were tasked with redesigning their brand and website. We faced the challenge of creating a new digital identity that would convey the leadership position of the company without...GO TO PROJECT


  • Shane Herrington EMEA Social Media & PR Manager · Hyper X

    Wild Wild Web have supported HyperX with engaging and entertaining our Spanish-speaking community by supporting and creating great content. They have great ideas and really care about their clients.

  • Javier TorresGlobal Projects Coordinator · Grupo SM

    They helped us see our own company in a different way through a new and refreshing perspective on the project we were working on. Wild Wild Web was like having a partner to walk us through every step so we could reach our own goals, in our own way.

  • Patricia RodriguezCEO · E-Lentillas

    I’m really happy with the partnership we have with Wild Wild Web. We’ve been working together for around 5 years now, and they always get a perfect sense of what we need. We’ve been growing together throughout this period, with a continual enthusiasm and professionalism on their side at every step.

  • Javier Guadiana CEO · Reason Why

    Working with Wildwildweb was one of the best decisions in the history of our brand. Their talent and criteria helped us to solve our problems and promote virtues that we had not identified.

  • Manuel ZeaCEO · CoworkingSpain

    They are dedicated and passionate about every project they do, with quicker than average response time. They really take care of their clients, truly investing themselves into every project they are a part of.

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