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  • Creatividad de Porsche Turquesa
  • Anagrama Bocademia
  • Logo ReasonWhy
  • Camión con logotipo de Febest
  • La botella de Helvetica Wine
  • PorscheThe digital transformation of one of the most prestigious and influential brands.Porsche is one of the most recognised and valued brands in the world. Innovation and a non-conformist spirit have been one of the most important characteristics of this German company ever since its founding. Both concepts fit perfectly with our design and development philosophy. Since 2015...GO TO PROJECT
  • BocademiaCreating the identity of a new restaurant franchise concept.Bocademia was born out of the dream of two businessmen who seek to create a new fast food chain with food from Malaga. A franchise model that offers the famous Andalusian breakfasts and lunches all over the world: molletes antequeranos, pitufos, serranitos, tapas and of course the different types...GO TO PROJECT
  • Reason WhyRedesigning the most read online marketing magazine in Spanish.Reason Why is the most read marketing and advertising online magazine in Spain and Latin America. We took the challenge of redesigning the brand and its website. We faced the challenge of creating a new digital identity that would convey the leadership position of the company without losing the...GO TO PROJECT
  • FebestUpgrading the identity of the prestigious multinational company of the automotive industry.Febest Autoparts is a multinational company present in more than 25 countries and dedicated to the distribution of high quality car parts. We took care of the rebranding of the company, maintaining its essence without separating it visually from something that was already recognized and respected.GO TO PROJECT
  • Helvetica WineOur tribute to the queen of typographyAs great lovers of typography, at Wild Wild Web we wanted to pay tribute to this influential font. To do so, we talked to the Linotype foundry, the owner of the rights to the Helvetica font, and we presented the project, along with several bottle prototypes. When they gave us the green light and we...GO TO PROJECT

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