Reason Why

Redesigning the most read online marketing magazine in Spanish.

Reason Why is the most read marketing and advertising online magazine in Spain and Latin America. We took the challenge of redesigning the brand and its website.

We faced the challenge of creating a new digital identity that would convey the leadership position of the company without losing the essence of its origins


Rebranding to reinforce leadership

For the visual identity we decided to go for exclusively typographic ideas, and to avoid adding new graphic elements that would distort the image and would be too radical compared to the initial logo. However, we wanted to clearly represent the evolution of the company, now absolutely consolidated.

We chose a brand that conveyed sobriety, reliability and lots of personality based on the Austin typeface, with a series of font modifications to add ligatures and unique elements.

Logotipo de ReasonWhy sobre fondo negro
Logotipo de ReasonWhy sobre fondo negro
Explicación del logo de ReasonWhy
Ligaduras del logo de ReasonWhy
Colores corporativos de Reason Why
Tipografías corporativas de Reason Why
A living brand

Reason Why is a living brand that has to work perfectly both online and offline. In order to achieve this, we created a corporate identity manual that specifies typographies, colours and all the applications of the brand in different media. By using a protective mesh for the brand, we ensured that the logo may be reproduced in different places, always respecting its space and legibility. In addition, in the manual we determined minimum sizes for offset, serigraphy and digital, as well as a reduced version of the logo for supports of very reduced dimensions, such as profiles in social networks, small watermarks for videos, etc.

Papelería corporativa de ReasonWhy
Ejemplos de aplicaciones de la marca ReasonWhy
Equipo humano de ReasonWhy
Logo de ReasonWhy sobre cristal al acido
Anagrama Reason Why sobre fondos de color
Web redesign

In order to create a unique and satisfying user experience for the readers of the new ReasonWhy we carried out a complete UX design process.

The development was divided into 5 phases: definition, research, analysis, design and testing.

Throughout the process we used an infinite number of practices and UX artefacts such as: business canvas model, interviews with the client's team and with users, competition study, inspiration study, content inventories, user personas, experience maps, user flows, wireframes, mockups and prototypes.

The final outcome is a clean, elegant, honest website with a modular design and a clear and easy-to-manage content hierarchy.

Mockups de la versión mobile de
Mockup de sección de especiales de
Mockup de sección de opinión de
Funcionamiento del menu principal

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