The digital transformation of one of the most prestigious and influential brands.

Porsche is one of the most recognised and valued brands in the world. Innovation and a non-conformist spirit have been one of the most important characteristics of this German company ever since its founding. Both concepts fit perfectly with our design and development philosophy.

Since 2015 we are in charge of online marketing, social media management and analysis as well as the development and maintenance of several company websites in Spain.

Creatividad de Porsche Turquesa
Visual identity

The online identity of the company is defined by the information that is found about it on the Internet: data, images, records, comments, etc.. Porsche has a very defined digital identity in which the customers are fans and followers. The emotional bond that exists between the brand and its audience is very strong.

Gif porsche
Creatividad porsche amarillo
Creatividad para redes Porsche Ibérica
Imagen para redes sociales Porsche Ibérica
Creatividad para redes sociales Porsche
Ejemplos copy redes sociales
Creatividad para redes sociales Porsche
Imagen dos porsches enfrentados
Porsche y Pantone 718
Creatividades 70 aniversario Porsche
Evento directo 24 horas de Lemans
Ads Carrousel

Historically the Porsche brand had been more focused on the male target, but luckily times change and the percentage of female followers of the brand is increasing. For this reason we faced the challenge of generating an online activity capable of reaching this audience in a more effective way. This is why we created the Woman & Porsche blog, aimed exclusively at the female target and with a design that is much more visual than the rest of the brand's pages.

Landing Porsche mobility lab
Portada Porsche Everyday
Captura Porsche inews en una tablet
Posters diseño Porsche
Listado web porsche v.o.
Mockups mobile porsche v.o.
Gif porsches y colores de fondo

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