Creating the digital identity of CENIE

The International Centre on Ageing, CENIE (Centro Internacional sobre el Envejecimiento) was created in response to the ageing phenomenon.
Its mission is to become an international reference of excellence, research and innovation through leadership, knowledge generation and research.

We are in charge of creating and communicating the digital identity of the new centre in order to reach recognition at an international level. In just over two years we can proudly say we have achieved it.

A brand to raise awareness

CENIE was to be a modern, up-to-date brand with its own personality, and to this end we worked with the concept of progress and evolution. We proposed an imagotype type brand formed by text and icon. The icon is an arrow formed by 3 squares that symbolize the 3 biological ages, the first age, the second age and the third age. The arrow is located above and to the right of the text, making CENIE the driving force and motor of change.

The color palette used is composed of the colors blue, green and magenta which according to the theory of color mean security, innovation, development and reflection, concepts that are pillars in the identity of CENIE.

For the applications we used mainly blue and to a lesser extent the other tones as highlights for the compositions. 

In order to have a cohesive and uniform image, we suggested the use of minimalist photographs, in a high key with natural light, preferably from outside, showing landscapes and adults using portraits in which the subject is not recognizable, the use of centered compositions, with geometries and lines marked using the color palette present in the logo itself and the use of inspirational themes, seeking to convey the values of the brand.

Representación de las 3 edades en el icono
Gama cromática de CENIE
Tipografías corporativas de CENIE
Animación del logo
Papelería corporativa de CENIE
Acreditación para evento
Banderola colgante
The web ecosystem

In order to communicate the enormous amount of information generated by a centre of these kind, we needed to create a solid and scalable web infrastructure.

We chose Drupal as the development framework and Pantheon as the hosting platform.

The main site, cenie.eu, has all its content translated into 3 languages and has many sections such as information pages, news, blogs, contests, scientific poster galleries, registration forms, etc.

It was necessary to create several microsites to bring the public closer to the different events and projects that the center organizes and promotes.

Ejemplos mockups mobile
Mockup web cenie.eu
Mockups web cenie.eu
Mockup web Comprender el envejecimiento
Mockup web Zamora Mas Vida
Marketing and Digital Communication

By applying digital marketing strategies we have positioned CENIE among the most distinctive brands in its sector worldwide.

We manage social networks, email marketing, blogs, Social Paid, Google ADS and SEO.

The inspirational photos, videos, news, blog articles, live event broadcasts and many other actions carried out by our team have ensured that CENIE has an active and loyal community of followers on all social networks.

Ejemplos creatividades social media
Ejemplos Ads para el Centro Internacional sobre el envejecimiento
Ejemplos Ads para el Centro Internacional sobre el envejecimiento

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