Marketing on Pinterest: how to improve your strategy

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Javi Del Campo
· 03/06/2020

Pinterest has 200 million monthly active users and more than 2 billion monthly searches are carried out on its platform. These two reasons are more than enough for you to consider using it as another tool in your digital marketing strategy.

This social network defines itself as a source of inspiration, the place where people go to try something new. And its 300 million registered users also make it an opportunity for your business, especially if we think that it is a social network with an audience of all ages and genders.

Pinterest works as a social network whose content is based on pictures (called pins) through which it is possible to access the website where they come from. These pins, which can be in the format of pictures, videos, or gifs, are grouped into boards or bookmarks and will appear on the timeline of each user according to their preferences. Keywords are used to make it easier for them to appear in user searches.

As with any other strategy in social networks, it is vital that before starting you define the objectives to be met, study the work that your competition is doing on that platform and analyze the audience you are going to target. You also need a content plan as with any other social network, and it is essential to measure the results of the actions you are implementing.

Studying how the tool works and all the possibilities it offers you is essential, but there are several tricks that you can put into practice to improve your Pinterest strategy.


How to improve your Pinterest strategy

Your brand profile is important

The description of your company or business must contain the necessary keywords to position yourself on Pinterest and find future clients in the users you reach. Link your website to the profile and verify that everything is correct, in addition to including a cover that is associated with your brand and the content that you will offer in the profile.


Tips to get more attractive pins

- Always choose a striking image because it will be the first thing the user sees. This image can subtly include your logo (avoid the upper right corner because it will be covered with the tool's icons) and must comply with the recommended measures. Pinterest recommends using 2: 3 or 1000 x 1500 pixel images in .png or .jpg, and videos of up to 2 GB, square or vertical (2: 3 or 9:16), with a minimum duration of 4 seconds and a maximum 15 minutes and in .mp4, .mov .m4v format. or .gif.

- Don't shy away from infographics and images with text. In this case, contrary to what happens with other social networks, this type of format does work. The user receives a lot of information at a single glance and it is a good way to get their attention.

- Use valuable content. As it is an inspirational social network, if your content contributes, the user is more likely to save the pin, share it, or even reach your website. For example, if your company is a travel agency and the pin explains how to pack the suitcase so that it takes up the minimum space, you are offering value-added content that serves users. It is a way of "catching" them with content that interests them.

- Take care of the destination website. When linking the pins to your web page it is important to choose a destination that is a natural progression of that image or video. For example, if the pin is an image of a delicious sandwich with avocado and salmon, the most logical thing would be for it to take you to the recipe, for example, which can be on your website's blog.

- Fill out the details of each pin. It is important not only that the image is attractive but that the accompanying text provides context and meaning and increases interest. Including an optimized title and description with the most relevant keywords is essential. The choice of keywords will affect where your content is displayed on Pinterest and who sees it, so work on the SEO. You can also include some relevant hashtags at the end of the description, but without going overboard. An excess of hashtags is not good on any social network.



The importance of taking care of your boards

Pinterest not only lives on pins. Boards should be a fundamental part of our strategy and it is one of the best ways to get an audience to follow you. According to Pinterest, boards are the places where your pins are kept, like little drawers in the big closet that is your profile. This is how you classify your content, collect it, and facilitate its search.

Each profile has its boards (that users can follow) and within each board, you can create sub-boards that facilitate organization. The boards are the way to achieve a creative and striking profile, such as the one that Pantone has with pins of different colors.

Don't be afraid to change a board if it doesn't work. Move, test, and analyze what is best for your brand, but always in line with your corporate identity. You can use collaborative boards to encourage the participation of your followers and combine them with boards that you generate with your content and with external content from other users.

The boards must have updated content so it doesn't hurt to "clean" old content and renew it with a newer and current one.


Do not focus only on yourself: work the social network proactively

Like any social network, interaction with users, and the activity you carry out within Pinterest is rewarded. Repine, share, enrich the social network, and create a community that shares your content. If you are proactive on Pinterest, your followers will be the best megaphones for your brand that you can imagine.


Add Pinterest buttons and widgets to your website

Working your social networks from your website is also important. Those who only know you through Pinterest can discover your other social profiles and those who do so through the website can be possible followers of Pinterest.

Installing buttons that lead to your social profile and even widgets that show dashboards on your website if it adapts well to its design, is an ideal way to invite visitors to follow you on social media.

Use Pinterest Ads to expand your reach

It should be noted that Pinterest, like the rest of social networks, offers a series of advertising products that you can use for your company, as well as a highly personalized business service. Ads can be shown in the home feed, category feeds, and relevant search results for your target audience. To be able to advertise on Pinterest, you must have a business account and follow the advertising standards of Pinterest.

The social network has its own Business Manager and its own Pinterest Analytics that allows you to measure the impact of your actions, as well as different ad formats that range from a standard image to promoted app pins. Also, the Pinterest blog itself offers success stories from different companies that can serve as inspiration for your actions.

Mistakes to avoid in your Pinterest strategy

Knowing what not to do is as important as knowing what to do to your Pinterest marketing strategy. Beyond the common mistakes of any social media strategy, such as not measuring the results of your actions or using hashtags incorrectly, there are some mistakes to avoid on Pinterest.

- Use it as if it were a product catalog. If the objective of your audience is to be inspired, showing them our products without giving them anything else is not the way to get them interested.

- Do not use titles or descriptions. Each of the pins should be treated with the same care as a post on Instagram, for example. You would never upload a photo without a text to your Instagram feed so don't do it on Pinterest.

-Do not interact with users. It is important to answer the questions of your followers, monitor your ads, and try to form a community.

- Use only one type of pin. Pinterest has several types of content available to be used. Combining videos with images is always a good idea. Besides, it has now introduced a new type of content called a carousel or collage, which combines several photographs.

- Randomly place the boards on your profile. The form is as important as the substance, and the order must always have a meaning. The board that you are most interested in promoting will be the one located in the first line of fire so that it is the first thing you see when entering.

A social network that with work gives impressive results in the medium and long term. It will get traffic to your website, which will bring you closer to a future sale and once you start using it, it will become an essential part of your social media strategy.



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