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Eva Casanueva
· 30/04/2020

I'm sure it happens to you too sometimes that, after periods of overworking, responsibilities or haste, suddenly you feel tired, unmotivated, without the strength to face new challenges. In short: you reach a state in which you feel mentally and emotionally exhausted. You become more anxious, nervous and unfocused. 

This can be stress or anxiety, the great problem of the 21st century.

We live in a world that changes so abruptly that sometimes we are not able to adapt and this results in a decrease in our quality of life because of stress. If this transitory state becomes chronic, it can have serious repercussions, not only on your personal relationships and your performance at work, but stress can also lead to problems for your health.

What is stress?

Stress is the body's natural response to what it fears. 

It is a natural survival process by which our body and mind react without us being aware on many occasions. It has a lot to do with how we think as individuals, how we each interpret reality and how we deal with it. Thus, the root of stress can be much deeper than we think. 

Our body reacts to this process by manifesting symptoms of two kinds: physical and psychological. 

In your body, stress can bring about stomach, hair and skin problems and affect your immune system. It causes weight changes, prolonged, widespread and constant fatigue. Among the psychological symptoms, stress can also produce abrupt changes in behaviour, generalised apathy, insomnia, poor memory and lack of lucidity.

Being able to anticipate or minimize the time of exposure to these bad feelings is part of the key and that goes through having certain practices such as organization, relaxation and physical activity to ensure a state of well-being.

Although we always recommend that you go to a specialist, we want to show you some applications that will bring calm to your daily routine. They are applications that will help you to prevent; so that you can improve your relaxation and provide those first cares you need


The best apps to reduce stress.

Aunque siempre recomendamos acudir a un especialista, queremos mostrarte algunas aplicaciones que traerán calma en tu rutina del día a día. Son aplicaciones que te ayudarán a prevenir; para que puedas mejorar tu relajación y proporcionarte esos primeros cuidados que necesitas.


SAM (Self-help Anxiety Management) Learning to manage.

This app is only available in English. It will teach you a lot about yourself.
It came about as an initiative of the team of psychologists, computer scientists and students at the University of the West of England.
It is based on self-help methods and offers you content in various formats so that you can learn to manage your anxiety and create your own 'toolkit for difficult situations'. 

Download:  iOS | Android


Headspace Meditation & Sleep. For a good sleep.

This app helps you improve your quality of sleep and deep rest through guided meditation routines so you will be able to create the internal conditions that you will need so that your mind calms down and your body relaxes. You will generate a sleep routine that in a short time will help you be much more balanced.
Download: iOS | Android


Wim Hof Method. The Iceman Method.

Wim Hof, known as The Iceman because of his ability to withstand sub-zero temperatures, is an extreme athlete of Dutch origin who holds the Guinness World Record for half-marathons with bare feet on ice and snow. He has two more Guinnesses: swimming under ice and prolonged full-body contact with ice. All of this has been achieved thanks to this method, which he developed himself and which has been the subject of all kinds of scientific studies. 

The Wim Hof method, which has variations, is based on a therapy through cold, meditation and breathing, with techniques that are somewhat reminiscent of Tibetan Tummo and Pranayama meditation, although it goes beyond that.
You can access the Wim Hof Method through its free app or the web.
Download:  iOS | Android

Sanvello (formerly Pacifica) to feel united.

It is a network of people who want to take care of themselves, share their experiences and offer each other advice.
It is developed by cognitive behavioural therapy psychologists and is based largely on conscious meditation, guided self-help methods, relaxation and subsequent monitoring of mood and health.  It proposes about thirty audio exercises for moments of stress or anxiety or small daily challenges with the possibility of recording your negative thoughts and then analyzing them.
Download: iOS | Android


Stop, Breathe & Think. Being in the present moment.

Based on mindfulness, this app received the Webby People's Voice award in 2017.

It has several uses: initiation and training in mindfulness with relaxation techniques, short guided meditations, breathing and acupressure exercises or various yoga videos with subsequent monitoring of our emotions. Its free version includes more than 30 activities, and with the Premium subscription you will get 50 more activities.
Download: iOS | Android


Simple Habit - To create meditation routines.

It is perfect for busy people because it offers you five minute meditation exercises a day to make a habit of it. You can use it before or after a business meeting, during a coffee break. Simple habit is especially suitable for insomnia.

It has a free trial period of one month. After that, you can renew it monthly or yearly.
Download: iOS | Android


Calm - Meditation and sleep.

It is a mindfulness and breathing app perfect for beginners because it brings guided meditation sessions of 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 minutes for all levels.

It also offers master classes with experts from all over the world, bedtime stories, a daily meditation program and special sounds and music to help you concentrate, relax or sleep. 

This application has a free version and a premium one.
Download: iOS | Android


Happify - Science based activities and games

Based on positive psychology, it is an application of games and exercises that is the result of analysis carried out by psychologists and neurologists from institutions such as UPenn, Harvard, and Stanford.

The maxim of each of the activities is that you will be able to develop the necessary skills to find a peaceful state of mind and feel more motivated.
Download: iOS | Android


Talkspace - To let off steam

It was created by a small startup in New York with the aim of offering an affordable support service by professional and licensed therapists. 

To offer support for specific problems, Talkspace creates a place for relief and advice. It's as easy as chatting with the right professionals to help you understand what's going on, so you can deal with whatever is causing you emotional distress.
Download | iOS | Android

All these applications are very useful tools for you to relax, increase your concentration, sleep better and breathe properly. With them, you will gradually learn to manage episodes of stress and generate an exercise routine for your well-being. However, remember that these options are by no means an alternative to the recommendations of a mental health professional. 

If you think you need it, don't hesitate to seek professional support. There is no better investment than in yourself, and hey, life is short, so let's be happy!


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