A revolution of the surfing experience

Totalsurfcamp is a global online platform that allows you to quickly and easily search, compare and book surf experiences.

We were in charge of branding, website development and management of all online marketing processes since the conception of Totalsurfcamp.


Tabla de surf apoyada en una palmera en la playa
A brand that's a bit of a rascal

As it is an international project, the brand name had to work well in different languages and be very descriptive of the business, so that there was no doubt about the role of the business.

For the logo we chose a customization of a script typography that reflects the natural, alternative and somewhat rascal style associated with the surfing community.

In addition to white and black, we chose two colors for the corporate identity: turquoise green and purple. These colors generate a pleasant contrast between each other, and are a creative and innovative choice. Turquoise green reminds us of the crystalline beaches of this shade that are so appreciated among surfers.



Logo Totalsurfcamp
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Fotografía de surfista andando con una tabla en el brazo
Marketing for a 2 sides marketplace

We manage Totalsurfcamp's social networks, where we spread the atmosphere and energy of the surf camps and the exotic destinations where they are located. We focus on promoting the experiences offered by the surfcamps and the characteristics of different countries, so that every surf fan can find something to their liking. 


We created and developed a blog with articles on topics related to surfing, from tips and tricks for surfers at every level to news and curiosities of the world of this sport. 


In order to promote the web and the created contents we also manage the e-mail marketing campaigns


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Responsive and user-friendly design in which photography is the main character

We developed the website in Drupal with adaptive responsive design based on a clean and "user friendly" graphic style in which the photography is the main character.

The primary goal of the site is the booking of online experiences for an international audience. The simplified User Journey that conditioned the entire process of interface design was: 

Search -> Listing with reviews -> Booking

We didn't invent anything new, we simply applied the already proven formula of other online tourism giants to this niche.

This is undoubtedly one of the most complex websites we have developed as it is a 2 side marketplace that has to work for users looking for a surf experience and for managers of surf centres who want to promote their experiences.

The main features of the platform developed in Drupal include the following: 

Content in 7 languages with automatic translation system against Google Translate API, dynamic content depending on the location of the user through smart ip, payment management system and credit card subscriptions based on Stripe, invoice generation system, messaging system between users and surf centres with email notifications, different roles and control panels for standard users, managers of surf centres or managers of several surf centres and freemium system to automatically highlight in the lists and covers those surf centres that contract a premium plan.

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Funcionamiento de los perfiles de surfcamps en la web de Totalsurfcamp
Foto de tablas de surf apoyadas en una palmera en la playa

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