Rebranding of the international leader in claims processing in Spain, Portugal, France and Brazil.

Multiasistencia is a multinational group founded in the early 1980s, leader in claims processing in Spain, Portugal, France and Brazil, provider of outsourcing solutions for large corporate clients, mainly in the finance and insurance sectors.

We were responsible for redesigning the corporate identity in order to adapt it to the new dimension of the company.

Logotipo de Multiasistencia en el edificio
Evolution or revolution

The old image of Multiasistencia needed a revolution. It did not transmit the image of being a leading company in the sector and the challenge was precisely that, to provide the company with a visual identity that reflected its importance. To do this, we studied the competitors' brands, created a business canvas and developed different proposals based on the company's values. The final brand is an evolution of the M and the A, which appeared in the old logo, but in this case embodying the values of the company. One of the most important of them is the adaptability, as it is a company that offers personalised services to other brands, and their capacity for adaptivity and flexibility is what makes them indisputable leaders within the outsourcing sector.

The anagram is complemented by the Avant Garde typography, a sans serif in its lighter weight that brings modernity and innovation.

Logotipo antiguo de Multiasistencia
Logotipo de Multiasistencia
Logotipo de Multiasistencia sobre fotografía de edificios
Personality: chromatic range and typographies

The colors mark the personality of a brand. In this case we gave continuity to the orange, which had been the main color of the company since its foundation, in order not to move too far from its essence. We eliminated the dark blue and replaced it with a turquoise that combines perfectly with the shades of orange that act as the primary color in the brand. The corporate typeface is Avant Garde, a geometric sans serif typeface designed by Herb Lubalin that combines extraordinarily with the brand's smooth anagram.

Tipografía corporatia de Multiasistencia
Colores corporativos de Multiasistencia
The brand gets to work

A brand needs to have a track and be applicable in different media, always in a logical way. In order to standardise all its uses we drew up a corporate identity manual that assures us the achievement of a homogeneous, attractive and easily identifiable image for the organisation, and at the same time let us optimise the effectiveness of its communications.


Papelería corporativa de Multiasistencia
Tarjetas de visita de Multiasistencia
Memoria anual de Multiasistencia
Pass de Multiasistencia

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