Coworking Spain Conference

Designing the image of one of the most important annual coworking meetings in the world.

The Coworking Spain Conference is an event for people interested in this new work philosophy that consists of sharing a workspace between professionals from different sectors, saving costs and, at the same time, generating synergies and support among the workers themselves.

Since its creation in 2012 we have been in charge of developing the corporate identity for all the editions of the conference.

Patrón geométrico de Coworking Spain Conference
Visual identity

We always try to maintain a coherence between all the editions, updating our previous work but respecting the particularity of each one of them. 

The language we use is based on the application of very saturated colours and simple, clear and concise geometric shapes. This combination represents a characteristic aspect of the different cities that host the conference.

On this occasion we wanted to convey the concept of diversity and collaboration through the use of geometric pieces that fit together. For the logo we used a very condensed sans serif typeface.

Póster Coworking Spain Conference 2017
Pases Coworking Spain Conference 2017
Póster Coworking Spain Conference 2017
Entradas Coworking Spain Conference 2017
Gif animado de cuenta atrás para el final de las entradas con descuento de la Coworking Spain Conference 2017
Programa Coworking Spain Conference 2017
Póster Coworking Spain Conference 2017
Mockup del perfil de Instagram de coworkingspain
Web design

The CWSC website is based on Drupal and was originally created in 2012. Since then every year the core and Drupal modules are updated with new versions available to keep the code safe and up to date.

In order to adapt the design to the new branding, each year only the theme layer is modified, reusing most of the blocks and components of the template. 

This way of working implies an important cost saving for our client. 

Mockup del sitio web de

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