Helvetica Wine

Our tribute to the queen of typography

As great lovers of typography, at Wild Wild Web we wanted to pay tribute to this influential font. To do so, we talked to the Linotype foundry, the owner of the rights to the Helvetica font, and we presented the project, along with several bottle prototypes. When they gave us the green light and we set out with the project.

La botella de Helvetica Wine
The most influential typography

The Helvetica typeface is considered by many to be the most important of all times. It was created in 1957 by Max Miedinger on the basis of a request from Edouard Hoffmann (Haas Foundry) to modernize the sans-serif style of this typeface house. The font was Haas Grotesk and was based on the Akzidenz Grotesk of the Berthold Foundry from the late 19th century. Miedinger redesigned the typeface, turning it into the "Neue Haas Grotesk".

From 1957 to 1961 the typeface retained the name of Miedinger's design, but when the Stempel Foundry acquired the Haas Foundry (along with the rights to the original designs), the new owners (particularly Walter Cunz) decided to develop a complete series with different weights, and to rename it as "Helvetica".

Tipografía movible de Helvetica Wine
Wine selection

The wine selection was a very pleasant but responsible task, as much of the wine was going to be marketed internationally. This meant that, after more than twenty blind taste tests, we chose a young with some barrel influence, 100% tempranillo from the Bodega Torre de Barreda with a mild and robust flavour with an agile entrance, suitable for all audiences.

Botella de Helvetica Wine sobre la mesa
Bottle design

A tribute to the most important typography of all times required a high-level design. For this, after several prototypes based on adhesive labels, we opted for a bottle with a screen-printed design and respecting the essence of the Helvetica as much as possible. This way we would not only make a bottle of wine, but also create a collector's item for all lovers of design and typography.

We took care of every detail, we printed all the Helvetica typography around the cork stopper of the bottle and we made a series of 150 bottles lacquered with a seal of Helvetica Wine.

Detalles de la botella de Helvetica Wine
Sellos de lacre de Helvetica Wine
Detalles de la botella de Helvetica Wine
Corchos de Helvetica Wine


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