Bulk Wine Club

The club for the professionals of the bulk wine industry.

Bulk Wine Club is the first club for the bulk wine business. It is a virtual meeting point for industry professionals on a global level.

We created the new brand with the aim of communicating an innovative attitude, open to transformation and aligned with the language of its customers.

Mesa redonda con botellas de vino de Bulk Wine Club
Visual identity

The simplified graphic representation of a club and a grape in both cases is a circle. We start from a very powerful concept that must have been given form and personality. 

We did not want to convey the idea that it is a closed club and difficult to access, so we proposed a typography that would move from the inside to the outside of the circle to represent its opening and to break the rigidity of the original form. For this we chose a very condensed typography in which the word WINE appears in its italic version, which transmits the objective of dynamism and growth that the club pursues.

To this concept we added another one, the chromatic, in which we developed different gradients that represent the different ranges of grapes found in the world of wine.

Tarjetas de visita de Bulk Wine Club
Logotipo animado de Bulk Wine Club
Aplicaciones del logo de Bulk Wine Club en stand de feria
Logotipo Bulk Wine Club
Tipografía corporativa de Bulk Wine Club
Colores corporativos de Bulk Wine Club
Papelería corporativa
The online club

The second part of the project consisted of creating a website that would serve as a virtual meeting point for the club. 

We created a website with a public part that shows the benefits of being part of the club and invites to become a member, and another private part where members can consult privileged information about the bulk wine market, such as news about the sector, studies of each wine-growing area or statistical reports, as well as access a market for buying and selling bulk wine online.

The challenge was to design an interface that would transmit in a clear and concise way the benefits of being part of the club and that would facilitate in a very intuitive way the access to the private area to the members from any device.

We managed not to distract attention with an excess of elements in the header, grouping the main navigation menu into an off-canvas hamburger type. In this way, the main action calls Become a member and Login are both highly visible and subtle.

As a detail, we created an animation for the logo with javascript, so that the color of the circle is transformed and passes through the entire chromatic range of the wine, as we proposed in the visual identity.

Mockup de la versión mobile de bulkwineclub.com
Mockup de la sección eventos de bulkwineclub.com
Mockup de la página principal de bulkwineclub.com
Funcionamiento del menu principal de bulkwineclub.com

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