Creating the identity of a new restaurant franchise concept.

Bocademia was born out of the dream of two businessmen who seek to create a new fast food chain with food from Malaga.

A franchise model that offers the famous Andalusian breakfasts and lunches all over the world: molletes antequeranos, pitufos, serranitos, tapas and of course the different types of coffees from the region.

Fondo de la marca Bocademia
Brand Platform

Through a consulting process we carried out the strategic analysis and diagnosis of the situation to later define the new brand's identity and experience.

A fresh concept was proposed, based on a healthy, ecological and natural alternatives. We escaped the coldness of traditional fast food to continue being as welcoming and friendly as a typical bar in Malaga.

Aplicaciones de la marca Bocademia con fondos y patrones
Carta de Cafés de Bocademia

If a brand is a repository of meanings that build value and preference among our audiences, the name is what represents us.

During the process we always kept in mind that we had to express our uniqueness with respect to other similar chains through an impeccable brand that transmitted Mediterranean warmth and good service.

The name had to be fun, easy to remember, efficient, familiar and ambitious. Bocademia was chosen because it transmits everything we wanted from the very beginning


Anagrama de Bocademia
Logo Negativo de Bocademia
Visual identity

The symbol or anagram of Bocademia is the graphic representation of a smile. It conveys one of the most important values of the brand, which is joy. In addition, thanks to a game of words in Spanish, the anagram with its mouth shape is the simplification of the brand name: Bocademia.

The 3 corporate colors of the brand that we used are: the blue of the sea, the red of passion and the yellow of the sun. With them, we created an imagery of ornamental elements, illustrations and patterns that can accompany the brand in its various applications.

Anagrama de Bocademia sobre foto de tomates
Colores corporativos de Bocademia
Tipografías corporativas de Bocademia
Bodegón Bocademia
Tarjetas de Bocademia
Delantal de Bocademia
Taza con logotipo de Bocademia

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