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Who hasn`t heard about influencers? 24/7 trips that make`s us die of envy, parties typical of the New York jet set, breakfasts to feed a regiment... And all of this paid for by brands for advertising purposes. As we spoke in our article "Influencer Marketing, the star strategy", around 70% of users say that these personalities play a decisive role during the purchase decision process. These figures have led to more than 50% of companies investing part of their advertising budget in influence marketing actions. But do communication agencies know how to manage this type of campaign? The answer in that the vast majority of cases DON´T. Being normal people and not celebrities, they fall into the error of reaching agreements without real legal validity. In addition, the fact that a large part of these collaborations does not entail compensation by the brand, but is paid in products, leads companies to the false conclusion that it is not necessary to establish a contractual relationship between the two parties. The branded content, a pending issue Another big mistake comes from the lack of understanding the branded content. Branded content is not advertising, but content that entertains while informing but without becoming intrusive. Although all marketers surely know this definition, they still make the mistake of creating campaigns in which they impose on the influencers a type of publications that are far from an authentic branded content strategy. Here you can see an example: Makeup brand Real Technique launched the campaign #therealparty and from one day to the next the networks were flooded with photos of Spanish influencers using these brushes that until now they had never mentioned. Do you think campaigns like this awaken empathy in consumers or on the contrary rejection? From my experience, I say that when you see that a brand launches a massive campaign with influencers putting the focus on its product and not on its brand values, it can achieve a very high social reach, but the conversion, and therefore the return of the investment, will be very low. In addition, this type of content is not natural for consumers, but is seen manipulated. The selection, the key to success​ Talking about massive influence marketing campaigns leads us to another important point for the management of this type of strategy: the selection of influencers. This is undoubtedly the most important part of all the preparation of the campaign. Brand ambassadors according to the values of the company entail a greater performance. According to data from Puro Marketing, the engagement achieved with influencer marketing is 16 times higher than that of traditional advertising. Knowing the most typical mistakes of the campaigns of influence, it`s time to create the perfect briefing to get the Yes of the potential ambassadors of previously chosen brand. The briefing, the bible of the campaign​ Before starting to write, you should keep in mind two basic principles of any briefing: be concise and visual. That is, call the attention of who receives it and highlight the rest of the collaboration proposals. But without a doubt, the million dollar question is: What information should I include in the briefing? COMPANY BACKGROUND AND OF THE PRODUCT / SERVICE​   The document should begin with a brief presentation of the brand, its values. For this, a good option is to include the logo, photographs, as well as use the corporate colors in this section as well as in the rest. In order for the influencer to deepen this information it is good to include the links both to the company's website and to the landings created for the product or service that will be launched (if any). CAMPAIGN DESCRIPTION    It is very important to make clear in this section what is the main objective of the campaign (branding, awareness, traffic ...). Once this information is known, other secondary objectives that affect the influencer directly, such as: getting users to create their own content and share it on networks, share it with friends or comment on published posts.   KEY MESSAGES​   In this section you have to develop the messages that you want to convey to the consumer through the content. In addition, the hashtag chosen for the campaign that will appear in all publications will be displayed, as well as the CTAs that will be included along with the hashtags.   CREATIVE LINES​    To help influencers create their own content, a series of style rules can be offered, as well as moodboards to display it in a more visual way. You should not limit the creativity of the influencers or the photos will lose their naturalness, and that is exactly what we want to avoid, a traditional advertising. RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS​   Once the campaign is talked about, it is necessary to detail the dates, the number of publications, the format of the same, the hashtag, UMTs and accounts to be mentioned, as well as specific requirements of the type of content. At the same time it is necessary to include the existing limits for the influencers, so that they don`t leave the brand values or that they do not carry out an unfair competition (Talk about other competitors). TIMELINE AND SUMMARY SHEET​   This section is the one that includes the most relevant information for the influencer in a summarized way: number of publications, social networks to use, mentions, links and publication dates of the posts. You should know that the briefing is only an informative document and that you need a contract to be supported by law. Therefore, a contract can involve several campaigns, which in turn means different briefing for each of them. Now that you have been able to see the information that should be included in the briefings for influence marketing campaigns, you can`t say that you don`t know how to manage this type of actions.   Main photo: Muhd Asyraaf
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Is an influencer the best prescriber for your brand? The data assure that it is. 70% of users admit that they are more influenced in their purchasing decisions by the opinions of these influencers than by traditional advertising campaigns. In addition, brands claim that they can attract more loyal, more authentic consumers, and manage to reach their target audience better. To give you an idea, according to the latest Influencer Marketing Benchmarks Report, for every dollar invested in influence campaigns, brands have achieved a return of around 1,200%. To this we must add the increase in online notoriety of the brand, which manages to increase its mentions and searches by 15%.   What is the risk of influencer marketing? Seeing all these data, we can say that it is a very positive phenomenon in the world of marketing and that it is very profitable, at the same time effective, its implementation in communication strategies. However, the rapid increase in influencers and their use by brands in the promotion of products, has brought with it the desire of many to join this trend, raising many controversies in recent months, such as: the experiment led to carried out by the H2H agency that sought to demonstrate the dangers behind these practices and the lack of regulation and control in the sector. For this, they created a false account with thousands of followers, @almu_ripamonti, getting several brands interested in it, asking to promote their products, inviting her to exclusive parties and paying for trips and meals. They only needed to invest 500 euros to buy 100 thousand false followers and from there the rest came filmed. In just three weeks they managed to amortize the investment with the money received for the collaborations carried out with the brands. After these events, many companies have realized the great problem that lies behind the management of influence campaigns. And is that many of these campaigns are being carried out without conducting a thorough prior study of the conversion data and engagement of the influencers. Nor do they take into account that the target audience of their brand is the same as the one that follows the influencers. To avoid running the risks of investing money and then not seeing a positive return on investment, it is necessary to analyze the profiles beyond the number of followers. It's about getting to a prescriber who has real power of influence.  Brands worldwide are becoming more and more inclined to collaborations with micro- and nano-influencers. The micro-influencers reach a considerable number of followers without exceeding 25,000 and not only can fit better with the brand and attract more public according to your target, but also tend to have a higher engagement ratio and a lower cost than the rest of the more famous influencers. Their collaboration results in better performance in reaching local target audiences. In the case of nano-influencers, the number of followers varies between 1,000 and 10,000. They are real people, fans of a brand that create small communities. They have a high ability to involve their followers and promote the products in a more natural and authentic way. For the same reasons, lower cost and better engagement, trends change and advertising campaigns are going to target more segmented and local audiences.   The use of influencers reaches new sectors​ That influencing marketing strategies are booming is no novelty and that is proven by data such as that during the past year, approximately three quarters of the brands in Spain decided to implement this type of action. In addition, given the good results obtained, they declare that they will continue using them during these next years. The novelty is that companies in sectors such as automotive, which previously did not use digital influencers in their campaigns, now do. As for example the case of Porsche, with which you can see collaborations with influencers likes @Ariviere, @anamariqueg or @kaarls_gr. Our agency Wild Wild Web seing the potential that could imply the implementation of this type of strategies for our client, Porsche, bet to carry out collaborations with these influencers. Last month we invited Karla González and Ana Manrique to an event at the Madrid West Center. The results obtained in social networks have been very satisfactory and have opened the doors to future collaborations with more influencers. The industry of high-end cars has not yet risen to the car of the influencers but brands as recognized as the German car are marking a change of route in the digital marketing strategies of the sector. Another clear example of the upward trend of these actions is that more than 57% of brands in the United States have a special budget for influencers, showing that the rules of the game are changing and that advertising is rotating towards other modes of advertising and promotion, leaving aside the use of celebrities. This data is better understood seeing that 28% of marketing executives believe that through this type of collaboration they achieve a much faster customer acquisition. Who will not want to get leads quickly? That's why all brands are getting on the bandwagon.   Influers really weigh in when buying a product? During our purchasing process, a fundamental step before making a decision is the online search for information related to the product, knowing the opinion and experience of other consumers. As a result, it is observed that 78% of sales made are digitally influenced. But, within all types of online marketing actions, it is important to highlight that ROI, that is, the return on investment, is greater in the case of influence strategies, taking into account the same investment. This return has increased this past year by 15%. In addition, 72% of users who consume this type of content on social networks say that influencers play a decisive role when purchasing a product. One of the reasons for these high numbers is that influence marketing strategies end up with a very big problem that brands were dealing with in recent years, adblockers or ad blockers. 60% of users currently have this type of blockers installed in their browsers because advertising is considered an intrusive element. Thus becoming the promotion of the brand with influencers in a new channel to reach that final consumer we want to address. As you can see, there are many benefits of using this type of actions within your brand communication plan, but the complexity of these campaigns should not be overlooked. It is necessary to carry out a meticulous study of the influencers and establish the level of influence they exert on the consumer to make an appropriate choice. For this you can help with tools such as Heepsy, Brandtube or Socialpubli. In addition, with the free tool Trolldor you can check if a Twitter account of an influencer is false or not, thus avoiding possible frauds like the one we had during the article.   Main photo: Mathew Schwartz
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With 600 million active users per month in just seven years, the social network to share images, and now also stories, has become one of the most popular. It is a showcase of ideas and trends, where surviving is difficult and highlighting seems impossible. In the world of fashion, influencers have managed in many cases to make their hobby a profession, but where a priori it seems simple to publish a photo with a look, hide many hours of hard work. Here's a personal list of the most interesting Spanish fashion accounts that you have to follow if you want to be up to date or find ideas that suit your style. I hope you know how to make the most of what each one can give you.   Dulceida (2.5m) Aida Domenech is behind Dulceida, with 2.5 million followers topping the list of one of the accounts with most followers. Her modern and festival looks and extrovert character are undoubtedly the secret of her great success. 2016 has been her year, she's married her girlfriend, she's hosted the show Quiero Ser and has written her first book, "Dulceida. Style guide". All these events have done nothing but add popularity to this recognized influencer. Instagram: @dulceida   Paula Echevarría (2.7m) The famous Spanish actress has become an icon in fashion thanks to her street style looks. Her outfits are among the most expected in red carpets and proof of this are the 2.7 million followers in her Instagram account in which she shares images about the looks she publishes in ELLE's blog, Tras la pista de Paula, the events she attends, inspirational phrases, magazine covers, posing with actors, not to mention images of holidays with her husband David Bustamente and her daughter.   Instagram: @pau_eche   Lovely Pepa (1.7m) Behind this account with 1.3 million followers is Alejandra Pereira, a Galician who began sharing her love for fashion, photography and travel and is now one of the most important influencers in Spain. Between love and hate, she loses the first place in Instagram. Her classic and refined style, as well as her careful timeline has taken her to the top positions. Instagram: @alexandrapereira   Collage Vintage (1.1m) Collage Vintage is the alter ego of Sara Escudero, the blogger has the fascinating figure of more than 1 million followers in Instagram. A very chic timeline that combines perfectly with the places she visits in her exciting travels. This influencer, which also began in 2009, locates her residence in Los Angeles, a fascinating place to find inspiration. Herpartner Diego, create this account: @collagevintage2 with street styles during fashion week. Instagram: @collagevintage   Amlul (1m) Gala Gonzalez hides behind Amlul, the niece of the prestigious designer Adolfo Dominguez can boast of being a worldwide celebrity. The elegant blogger studied fashion in London, where she met Pelayo Díaz, who now lives in New York. She has starred in important fashion campaigns and has appeared among the top nine positions of the most influential bloggers in the Fashionista web world. Her Instagram account has 1 million followers, a not negligible number.   Instagram: @galagonzalez   Trendy Taste (542k) Behind this account is Natalia Cabezas, who in 2011 decided to open a blog about fashion, much has rained and there are several contents shared in her account of 542 thousand followers. Her friendliness and modern looks have turned her great passion for fashion into her profession. Instagram: @trendy_taste   Marta Lozano (742k) This Valencian law student started in Instagram 2 years ago as a normal user and noticed great interest in her looks, so began her story. She likes to mix to create something new, her style. Her secrets are a mixture of sweetness, naturalness, elegance and great brands. It seems that we like it and a lot since we are more than 700 thousand followers. She doesn't consider herself a compulsive shopper, but one of her whims is those accessories that are going to come out for a season and won't come out again. Instagram: @martalozanop   Bartabac (382k) Silvia García is a blogger who began her adventure as Bartabac in 2009. Not only does she share her styling that mixes luxury brands with low-cost garments, but she has created her own fashion brand Á Bicyclette, launched seven collections of shoes "Pertini by Bartabac" and published her first book in 2014 "BARTABAC".  Instagram: @bartabacmode   My Peeptoes (441k) Paula Ordovás alias My Peeptoes, is a famous blogger in our country, as well as a fashion journalist, RR.PP, manages fashion brands and is Social Media Strategist of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid. Her 441 thousand followers in Instagram do not miss her publications on fashion, tips and videos of exercises and food. If you want to get an incredible body this is the blogger you have to follow. Instagram: @mypeeptoes   Andrea Belver (402k) This 19 years old instagramer and influencer has already made a niche in Instagram and has written a book "Andrea Belver, The perfect outfit". It is a fashion reference for young people with a rebellious and daring style. Andrea is very strong in this wide and competitive world of social networks. Instagram: @andreabelverf   Mes voyages à Paris (432k) Monica Sors is the fashion influencer, stylist, brand ambassador, model, photographer and blogger who hides behind Mes Voyages à Paris. Her secret key to success is mixing modern, classic and elegant looks. Instagram: @monicasors   Lady Addict (339k) Blogger Silvia Zamora hides behind alter ego LadyAddict. With 339 thousand followers in her Instagram account, she is one of the first fashion addicts to share her experience in 2008. She never thought that this great passion would become her profession. Her account shows a little more of the same, dream looks, travels, her day, what really stands out about this beautiful influence is the elegance and distinction that she gives off in each look. Instagram: @ladyaddict   Marta Carriedo (566k) After working for 3 years in the PwC audit, the beautiful and sympathetic Marta decides to create her own blog where she shows us her lifestyle with looks that she defines as classics, lady and bohemians, everything that makes a woman feel beautiful insinuating more than showing. She also has an online store with clothes and accessories designed by herself called It Girl Marta Shop. An influence that comes with a lot of strength with a very consistent motto: "never give up". Instagram: @martacarriedo   Seams for a desire (274k) Jessie Chanes is a successful blogger who created the Seams for a desire blog. Her proposals are fresh and modern. Instagram's publications, as well as many others mentioned above, are about travel, looks and photos with her family. But it's true that this girl has a special magnetism and her outfits are original and inspiring. Instagram: @jessiekass   C2T, Con dos tacones (256k) Estafanía García, creator of the blog Con Dos Tacones, shares in her Instagram account the looks she wears during her professional and personal life with lady inspiration. What she wants to convey in them is her interpretation of fashion trends adapted to her style, age and physical characteristics. She's addicted to Louboutin shoes, which she collects and defends to death from the counterfeit market. She also shares images of her nice Chihuahuas Pepe and Olivia and her adorable daughter, Marta, with the looks of Con dos tacones kids. Instagram: @estefaniac2t   Stella wants to die (192k) Like many of the fashion bloggers mentioned above, her profession begins as a hobby that grows until she begins to live off it. Maria Tilve is Stella wants to die, a name she came up with while watching the film "A Streetcar Called Desire". Her most distinctive feature is her long hair. She has collaborated with numerous firms, but what makes her really special for 192 thousand followers? Mainly its simple and fresh style very easy to copy. Instagram: @stellawants2die   Miranda Makaroff (329k) Without a doubt, one of the best Instagram accounts belongs to the creative, charismatic and versatile Miranda Makaroff. In it she shares her original looks, illustrations and videos. Don't miss this fantastic account, in which Miranda teaches us her passion for color, presents her boyfriend Pascal and shares her travels, art and freedom. Although it seems to you that you have just taken a trippy is her special gift to give and find color wherever she goes. Instagram: @mirandamakaroff   Mónica Anoz (134k) Inside the Influencers en Instagram showcase, which often seems to have been taken from a mould, is the instagramer Mónica Anoz. Many magazines talk about her because she is capable of taking trends before they become fashionable. She risks very much despite losing likes and she nails it because she likes it. Her well-taken care of aesthetics, original and street makes her worthy of taking a look at her Instagram to get new riskier ideas.  Instagram: @monicanoz   All that she wants (117k) Simple but effective looks. Its secret is the combination of luxury garments with low-cost creating minimal styling, which is very easy to get inspiration when you need it. Fashion blogger Erea Louro, creator of the blog All that she wants, forms a perfect team with her boyfriend who helps her with the photos and illustrations. Instagram: @erealouro   María Pombo (1m) María Pombo, a young girl from Madrid has become one of the most famous Spanish influencers thanks to her style, natural charm and smile. She already has one million followers and she shares with them her looks, travels and love stories with her future husband, Pablo Castellano. The clan of the Pombashians, created by María and her two sisters, Marta and Lucía, is one of the biggest social media sensations that you need to follow!  Instagram: @mariapombo   Main photo: Steve Gale
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