The unicorn club: the best rated startups

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César Álvarez
· 16/03/2015

The unicorn club is a startup community not quoted on the Stock Market with a total revenue of over 1 billion dollars in the last exercise.

The amount of startups has increased since the beginning of the project, reaching 78 in January 2014.

According to the Wall Street Journal & Dow Jones Venture Source the majority of these companies is based in the USA, whereas Asia follows up in the distance with 17 startups and Europe is last with a lame number of 7 corporations.


Are we facing a new bubble?​

Here we have a wide variety of arguments. It is obvious that many members of this exclusive group will fall apart in the next few years, but maybe some other ones will end up with a commercial value of 2, 3 or even 100 times of their current value. This means that investors find extremely attractive to put effort on them even being aware of the risks involved in the process.

Sometimes it looks like a pure kids’ board game, where commissions and speculation on every action are a must. At this point the good ol’ Goldman Sachs arrives, being able to sell the frozen hell to the very same Devil.

CompanyLatest ValuationTotal Equity FundingLast Valuation
Xiaomi$46.0 billion$1.4 billionDecember 2014
Uber$41.2 billion$2.8 billionDecember 2014
Palantir$15.0 billion$1.0 billionSeptember 2014
Snapchat$15.0 billion$815 millionMarch 2015
SpaceX$12.0 billion$1.1 billionJanuary 2015
Flipkart$11.0 billion$2.5 billionNovember 2014
Airbnb$10.0 billion$800 millionApril 2014
Dropbox$10.0 billion$607 millionJanuary 2014
Theranos$9.0 billion$400 millionJune 2014
Meituan$7.0 billion$1.1 billionJanuary 2015
Square$6.0 billion$495 millionAugust 2014
Pinterest$5.0 billion$764 million01/05/14
WeWork$5.0 billion$569 millionDecember 2014
Cloudera$4.1 billion$670 millionMarch 2014
Spotify$4.0 billion$521 millionNovember 2013
Stripe$3.5 billion$190 millionDecember 2014
Didi Dache$3.5 billion$828 millionDecember 2013
Jawbone$3.3 billion$531 millionFebruary 2014
Fanatics$3.1 billion$320 millionJune 2012
VANCL$3.0 billion$512 millionDecember 2011
Legendary Entertainment$3.0 billion$900 millionSeptember 2014
Pure Storage$3.0 billion$470 millionApril 2014
Moderna$3.0 billion$675 millionJanuary 2015
Bloom Energy$2.9 billion$1.2 billionSeptember 2011
Kuaidi Dache$2.8 billion$880 millionJanuary 2015
Powa$2.7 billion$156 millionNovember 2014
InMobi$2.5 billion$216 millionDecember 2014
Lyft$2.5 billion$860 millionMarch 2015
Houzz$2.3 billion$215 millionOctober 2014
Dianping$2.0 billion$569 millionFebruary 2014
trendy Group$2.0 billion$200 millionFebruary 2012
Nutanix$2.0 billion$312 millionAugust 2014
Magic Leap$2.0 billion$592 millionOctober 2014
Snapdeal$2.0 billion$1.0 billionOctober 2014
Coupang$2.0 billion$418 millionDecember 2014
Instacart$2.0 billion$275 millionDecember 2014
Delivery Hero$1.9 billion$1.2 billionFebruary 2015
Intarcia Therapeutics$1.8 billion$598 millionMarch 2014
MongoDB$1.6 billion$311 millionDecember 2014
DocuSign$1.6 billion$237 millionMarch 2014
Adyen$1.5 billion$500 millionDecember 2014
Koudai Shopping$1.4 billion$364 millionOctober 2014
Jasper Technologies$1.4 billion$204 millionApril 2014
Deem$1.4 billion$474 millionSeptember 2011
Social Finance$1.3 billion$399 millionFebruary 2015
Sunrun$1.3 billion$295 millionMarch 2014
AppNexus$1.2 billion$251 millionAugust 2014
Automattic$1.2 billion$190 million01/05/14
Gilt Groupe$1.1 billion$275 millionApril 2011
Slack$1.1 billion$180 millionOctober 2014
Actifio$1.1 billion$208 millionMarch 2014
Proteus Digital Health$1.1 billion$354 millionJune 2014
AppDynamics$1.1 billion$177 millionJuly 2014
IronSource$1.1 billion$103 millionAugust 2014
Nextdoor$1.1 billion$215 millionMarch 2015
Home24$1.0 billion$20 millionDecember 2014
Yello Mobile$1.0 billion$112 millionDecember 2014
CloudFlare$1.0 billion$72 millionDecember 2012
Evernote$1.0 billion$302 million01/05/12
Good Technology$1.0 billion$388 millionApril 2013
Eventbrite$1.0 billion$200 millionMarch 2014
Tango$1.0 billion$367 millionMarch 2014$1.0 billion$139 millionApril 2014
Mogujie$1.0 billion$200 millionJune 2014
Kabam$1.0 billion$245 millionAugust 2014
Lookout$1.0 billion$284 millionAugust 2014
JustFab$1.0 billion$250 millionAugust 2014
Honest Co.$1.0 billion$122 millionAugust 2014
Credit Karma$1.0 billion$194 millionMarch 2014
Qualtrics$1.0 billion$220 millionSeptember 2014
Razer$1.0 billion$50 millionOctober 2014
Shopify$1.0 billion$122 millionDecember 2013
Ola Cabs$1.0 billion$277 millionOctober 2014
Shazam$1.0 billion$170 millionJanuary 2015
Beibei$1.0 billion$124 millionJanuary 2015
Grabtaxi$1.0 billion$340 millionDecember 2014
SimpliVity$1.0 billion$276 millionMarch 2015
Farfetch$1.0 billion$195 millionMarch 2015

*1 USA billion equals 1.000 European millions.

Besides the ones we find in psychedelic raves, we still have not seen any unicorns around in Spain, which should make us think whether things are being done correctly or not, both from a private and public point of view: Obviously NOT.


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