The 15 best animal accounts on Instagram

Laura Chismol
· 28/02/2016

Many people think that Instagram is a social network only for showing pictures of food, landscapes and feet on the beach, but really, Instagram is the social network for animals.

It is the perfect place to post everything that happens to your pet and keep their daily lives from infancy to old age in one place.

Here I offer a selection of the best Instagram pet accounts, accounts of real influencers, some reaching up to 1.3m followers.


Jermzlee carlino simpatico

This is the account of Jeremy, a professional photographer and his pug, who stars in all  the pictures posing for portraits or in the field, on the road or in the city. They are very happy photos that you will make you adore this very handsome pug.

Instagram: @jermzlee


Jack the cockatiel loro simpatico

This photogenic Brazilian nymph shows its best profile practicing some of his hobbies, such as skateboarding, perching on flowers, or have conversations with her stuffed animals.

Instagram: @jackthecockatiel


Tunameltsmyheart perrete dentudo

This mongrel was rescued by his owner at 4 months.  Initially, he decided to call him Mr. Burns due to his physical resemblance but then decided to change it Tooney. No one ever imagined the success of his Instagram account, with 1.7 million fans who love his adorable jaw and sharp little teeth.

Instagram: @tunameltsmyheart

Hamilton the hipster cat

Hamilton Gato Hypster Bigote Instagramer

Hamilton is a real hipster cat, his fame due to the perfect mustache that is so fashionable these days. He's not just a star of Instagram but has a great history behind him. He was rescued from the streets of San Francisco and then adopted from a shelter in 2012. This adorable pussycat has 442,000 followers on Instagram.

Instagram: @hamilton_the_hipster_cat


Mens wear dog - El perro vestido de hombre

It is very stylish, a collection of images of an akita, mostly portraits, dressed in menswear, according to its creator, the most elegant in the world. Check it out, yourself;  the truth is that photos merge sophistication, simplicity and elegance. 253,000 passionate followers can't be wrong.

Instagram: @mensweardog


Darcytheflyinghedgehog Erizo Instagramer

Darcy, named in honor of D'Arcy Wretzky, former bassist of Smashing Pumpkins, is a 3 year old hedgehog, whose owner was made famous from some very nice photos purporting to be a children's story.

Instagram: @darcytheflyinghedgehog


Thiswildidea Maddie coonhound

This tells the story of Theron Humphrey, a photographer from North Carolina, who after the death of his grandfather, decided to travel the 50 US states and photograph one person every day for 365 days. What better travel companion and muse than his dog, Maddie, a coonhound he adopted. It served its purpose and in the end he decided to continue with a new project, Why we rescue, to raise awareness about the importance of dog adoption. We are in love with his story.

Instagram: @thiswildidea


Neville perro del diseñador Marc Jacobs

This is the famous designer, Marc Jacobs' dog, and as such, his account is surrounded by glamor. This dog poses with models, clothes, walks with friends, traveling or sunbathing.

Instagram: @nevillejacobs


Grumpy cat

What can I expect from this account, with all the memes that have been shared of this crabbyy cat. Such is its success that it has 1.3 million followers of his permanent grumpy expression.

Instagram: @realgrumpycat


Jiffpom, el pomerania guiness de los record

This adorable pomeranian has learned to walk on two legs, and has even won the Guiness record twice for being the fastest dog on both its hind legs and its front. He has appeared on numerous television shows and has a harvest of 2.1 million followers.

Instagram: @jiffpom

Camping with dogs

Camping with dogs

This account in particular I really like because it has pictures of dogs in nature. There is one thing a dog likes more than a ball, a toy, or food... and that's you spend your spare time with him in the field. You can find images of dogs with their owners camping, hiking, kayaking, fishing or even by bicycle.

Instagram: @campingwithdogs


Venus two face cat

Venus is a cat with a bi-color face. This peculiarity and also the fact that she loves to pose makes everyone want to be her follower and enjoy all her pictures and videos.

Instagram: @venustwofacecat


Snoopybabe adorable gatito

This is the account of Snoopy, an adorable adorable adorable little cat. It is the result of a cross between a Persian and an American Shorthair. This cat, which may look like a stuffed animal, is very real and inhabitant of China.

Instagram: @snoopybabe

Cute Bubu

Cute Bubu Chinchilla adorable

Bubu is an 8 year old chinchilla living in Singapore. It's a little tale of a presumed rat, whose owners have provided all possible accessories and stuffed animals. It's capable of ironing, doing the shopping, and even drinks tea.

Instagram: @cute_bubu


samhaseyebrows gatito instagramer

This cat, whose two spots above his eyes that seem like eyebrows have catapulted him to fame, has 187,000 followers.

Instragram: @samhaseyebrows


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